It really helps if you have a focus on what the purpose of your website is.

If you think that it is there to showcase the procedures you offer or to demonstrate your training or qualifications or to make you look good, think again!

The purpose of your website is to get leads.

It may be that you will get more leads if you showcase your procedures, demonstrate your qualifications and look good, but focus on the goal.

This is why I have produced my course ‘How to build a website’

Not because I am particularly talented at building websites, but because I have realised what I need my website to do and I think it is important to share that.

I was on a consulting call and the surgeon I was talking to had a beautiful website.

It was really classy and you would be proud to show it to your mother.

But I thought it was terrible.

The contact form was hidden away, there wasn’t a call to action on every page, there was no clickable phone number. I could go on (and I did).

The point is that you have got to look at it from the visitors point of view.

Why are they looking at your website?

Most people want to see before and after photos, prices and testimonials, then they want to know more information or book an appointment.

This should be the starting point and the framework you build your website on.

On the testimonial page, this surgeon had a form for patients to leave a testimonial.


This is not the point of the website!!!

The website is for prospective patients.

Of course you need to get testimonials, but this is done by engaging with patients after they have had surgery by asking them directly either at your clinic, by email, text or post.

He also had a fancy slider on the testimonial page which would show a different testimonial every time you visited the page.


If patients don’t see why they want to see, they are not going to come back.  Put all of your testimonials on the page for all to see.  Not only does a fancy slider increase the page load time, it is a triumph of fashion over function.


So if you haven’t got a website, for goodness sake get one.

It is probably best to get one built professionally but this takes money (and more importantly, time), so you can build one yourself in the meantime.

My course ‘How to build a website’ goes through step by step how to build a website from scratch and all outlines the strategy for the content and structure of your website, which is so easy to get wrong.

Focus on the goal and you will find that things are a lot easier.

Good luck!

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