The description just says ‘4 beds, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms’

The price is bang on the market average.

…and to top it all, there are three other houses in the street at the same price, with the same description.

Which would you choose?

What a nightmare.

How annoying that the sellers didn’t put any photos up to show you how they have decorated it and put their personal touches in.

Why didn’t they write a description to tell you the history of the house and any additions or modifications they have made to help you decide whether it might be better or worse than one of the others?

That is how most of us advertise out private practice.

We say:

I do knee replacements and that can help with knee pain


I am a cardiologist and I help people with problems with their heart

Great! Very helpful!

I know I have knee pain or a problem with my heart but which surgeon or cardiologist should I see?

Most doctors give you absolutely nothing to go on.

They rely on word of mouth referrals, which is like hoping someone knows someone who lives in the same street as the house you are selling.

It is tragic that we don’t give our patients anything to go on and many will basically choose the doctor who does a clinic on the same day that they have a day off.

It never ceases to amaze me how bland and vanilla most doctor’s profiles and websites are.

Put yourself in your patient’s shoes. Is there any obvious reason to choose you rather than one of your colleagues?

We have to differentiate.

We have to think about the service that we are offering patients and think of ways that we can stand out.

This is part of running a private practice and it is the same for any business.

Successful businesses have thought about ways that they can add value and give an excellent service and experience to their customers.

Like it or not, if you want to be successful in private practice, you have to think of your practice like a business

…but don’t worry too much because your colleagues are doing such a bad job of standing out themselves, that it doesn’t take much to begin to look better than them.

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