This is for any Consultant in Private Medical Practice who wants to take control over the service that they give to their patients.

Mind Your Own Business: How To Turn Your Medical Practice Into A Business Rather Than Just A Job

The P.E.C.A.N. Approach

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Mind Your Own Business, by JJ Staiano should be essential reading for all Consultants that are interested in building a successful private practice that will continue to grow and be sustainable. His advice and principles are based on a combination of his own experience, best practices from business and marketing, with a healthy dose of common sense, with all advice centred on the patient experience.

Whether you are starting out in private practice, or are some years in, Mind Your Own Business will offer you key advice and suggestions, and enable you to reflect on how you are doing things and whether there might be alternatives that will both improve your business and make your life easier - a win-win!

Marc Pacifico, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Learn About The P.E.C.A.N. Approach...

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    Establish yourself in your field.
    What makes YOU different from all the other doctors out there offering the same service?
    You owe it to your patients to differentiate yourself from your colleagues and demonstrate what you can offer and how you can help them.

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    Develop processes at every stage of a patient’s contact with you to deliver an EXCELLENT service.
    This is not just about doing a good job clinically (that’s a given), but looking after your patients before, during and after they see you.
    From providing information to patients who show an interest to keeping in touch with your old patients and everything in between.

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    This is what drives everything.
    It is an ongoing process of creating INFORMATION about what you offer that addresses the problems and challenges faced by patients.
    This includes written content in the form of emails, webpages and blog posts, audio content as podcasts and video content.

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    Put systems in place and lever the use of technology to make sure that the processes you have developed to deliver excellence are executed CONSISTENTLY to every patient.
    Make sure it is the systems that deliver excellence, NOT THE PEOPLE.
    You cannot rely on people for a long-term sustainable practice.

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    The P.E.C.A.N. approach is for life!
    It is an ongoing process that you need to nurture.
    Using key metrics to monitor progress, you can isolate which areas are improving and quantify the effects of your efforts.
    Continued feedback loops ensure that you can demonstrate tangible effects in the areas that matter.

If you are a Consultant with a Private Practice, then you owe it to your patients to take control over their experience in a way that is not possible with your NHS Practice.

The P.E.C.A.N. Approach sets out a framework that you can follow to build a structure in to your Practice and to give patients a reason to choose you rather than any other doctor who does the same procedure as you.

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