I was at a mastermind meeting a few years ago and we talked about the story of one of the mentors taking a walk along the beachfront while on holiday with his wife and idly kicking a can.

They were casually strolling along and he would just kick the can a few feet and then carry on while they were chatting.

After walking for half an hour or so he looked back to see how far they come along the seafront and realised that if at the beginning of his walk someone had said he had to kick the can all that way, it would have seemed like a large task.

However, the fact that he just kicked it a few feet at a time as they casually walked along the promenade meant that it didn’t feel very hard at all.

This is an analogy for working on your practice.

Part of the mastermind group involves touching base every fortnight to see how you are getting along.

We might only make plans to meet a small tweak or catch up with how you are getting on with your blog posts or email sequences.

If you can write a bit of content, produce some information or perhaps shoot a short video consistently week in, week out, when you look back over the year you will realise just how far you have kicked the can.

It is not necessarily about doing huge projects like starting a podcast or writing a book. Although these things are possible by using the same technique and breaking them down into smaller easily achievable steps.

A lot of what is involved in growing your private practice is consistently producing content and contacting your database of patients and prospective patients to communicate your values and demonstrate what you can do to help them.

I know you are busy today but why don’t you just put a post up on Facebook or Twitter or send an email out to the person you saw in clinic last week to check that they have got all the information they need?

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still

Chinese Proverb

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