Don’t be put off by the word ‘brand’.

We all have a ‘brand’, or at least:

  • a way that we treat patients
  • a way that we talk to patients
  • a way that we explain to patients the ins and outs of a procedure
  • we have things that we like doing
  • …and things that we don’t like doing
  • a view about how we look after patients after their surgery
  • a way that we respond to questions and feedback

This is all part of your ‘brand’.

If you want to be successful in Private Practice, you have to think about what differentiates you from the person in the clinic next door.

You need to give patients a reason to come and see you over and above the fact that your clinics are on a Wednesday and that is their day off!

If we don’t try to differentiate ourselves, we can’t be surprised when patients make decisions based on price or how our profile picture looks.

We owe it to patients to explain who we are and what we can offer so that they can decide whether they should come and see us

…or not.

This means we need to build our brand.

…and there are 3 steps to build a personal brand:

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