The PECAN Approach

Learn How To Run Your Practice Like A Business, Not A Just A Job

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th June 2019

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If you want the FREEDOM to control your Private Practice, you need to make sure that patients are coming to see YOU, not the organisation you are working in.


Otherwise you are working for them and are just an employee.

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This includes

...the NHS

...or the Private Hospital

... and even advertising like Adwords or a lead generation service

It is fine to get patients from these sources, and most doctors rely on them.

...but most doctors don't have a predictable private practice

Ideally, Your Private Practice Would Run Like A Business

  • That supplies a steady stream of patients, regardless of whether you are the favourite of the enquiry centre
  • That has systems and processes that gives a consistently excellent service to patients
  • That is not dependant on the personality and approachability of any particular team member - including YOU!
  • That can be looked at as an asset that can be transferred and passed on and will be worth something when you retire

A Systematic Approach To Revolutionise Your Private Practice

Don't Automate Chaos!

If you are looking for the answer, THERE IS NO ANSWER!

There is no magic bullet to transform your Private Practice.

It takes hard work and dedication.

But we all work hard!

It is not enough to just work hard!

You need to be working on the right things.

You need to make sure that when patients search for you, you present your practice to reflect the excellent clinical care that you are already giving.

This requires a multi-pronged approach.

This requires a P.E.C.A.N. Approach!

The P.E.C.A.N. Approach stands for...


You owe it to your patients to not only be a great doctor, but to demonstrate that you are a great doctor BEFORE they come and see you.

You need to position yourself as the expert in your field and give your patients a reason to come to see you rather than one of the other doctors who perform the same procedures that you do.


Think of what an excellent service looks like for everything that you do, then create processes that ensures that that service is delivered every time.  You will build up a portfolio that can be used as a guide for you and your staff.  This not only allows you to reflect and improve on your service, but it develops an asset that will be evergreen and can be passed on when you retire.


You need to produce content to educate and inform patients about the common conditions that you treat and let them know what questions to ask and why they need to ask them.

Content is produced on an ongoing basis in the form of Blogs, Podcasts and Email Sequences and it can be written, audio or video, or better still a mixture of all three.


Automation is the key to a scalable Private Practice.  There are huge advantages in utilising technology to free up time and ensure a consistent delivery of your service.  Not matter what your level of ability, you have to use software in your Private Practice to enhance the human interaction and personal service, not to replace it.


It is crucial to look after your patients at every step of the way.  Far too many doctors focus on trying to get more new patients rather than concentrating on the ones they have got already.  Nurturing your patients through the process from the initial enquiry through their consultation and during and after their procedure is not only good business, but also Good Medical Practice.

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About Me - JJ Staiano FRCS(Plast)

I am a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and have been in full-time Private Practice since 2012.

I set up The STAIANO Clinic to offer patients a high-end experience with a vision to deliver a world-class service by fully trained professionals.

I no longer see new patients myself and am dedicated to building my brand and I have 4 other plastic surgeons working alongside me at the Clinic.  I also enjoy mentoring and coaching Consultant colleagues and have set up STAIANO Consulting and the Private Consulting Class for NHS Consultants to help them to grow and develop a sustainable and valuable Private Practice.

What We Will Cover...

  • Why Private Practice Is Not Like The NHS

    It is not enough to just be a good doctor if you want to have a sustainable Private Practice.  You need to think about the whole patient experience and give patients a reason to choose you rather than an other doctor who offers the same treatment.

  • Why You Need To Think Of Your Practice More Like A Business

    When you start to think of your Private Practice like a business, you will realise the importance of building assets and systemising your service which will give a consistently better service to your patients and will be worth something when you retire.

  • The Importance Of Building A Brand

    You need to embrace the principles of building a personal brand so that you can demonstrate value over and above the actual work that you do.  This does not mean that you need to start putting adverts on billboards, but it does mean that you need to control as much of the patient contact with your service that you can.

  • How To Add Value To Your Practice

    If you have the time and energy to put these systems in place, it will not only add value now by giving a better service to your patients, but it will make your practice more valuable to another doctor when the time comes for you to retire if you wanted to sell your Private Practice.

The Staiano Clinic, Edgbaston

The meeting will be held at my boutique clinic in Edgbaston in Birmingham.

We are conveniently located if you are coming by car or train, the clinic is  five minutes drive from Birmingham New Street Station or five minutes walk from Five Ways Train Station.

If you are staying overnight, the clinic is walking distance from the Park Regis and Marriot Hotels and there will be a course dinner on Friday 14th June included in the registration fee.

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th June 2019

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No More Places Available

STAIANO Consulting, 50 Frederick Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1HN